Lab Tests to Repeat at 6 Months

Many of the initial lab tests will need to be repeated 6 months after the initial workup post-adoption even if the initial results are normal. If lab values have gotten progressively worse since the first test, treat and repeat the test every six months until a normal level is obtained.

Why repeat these tests?

When kids grow, they call heavily upon the vitamin and mineral stores contained in their bodies to aid their development. If children are malnourished, they haven’t had the opportunity to build adequate stores to support healthy development and growth. When these same kids begin receiving adequate nourishment, they usually thrive and experience rapid growth. However, their bodies’ vitamin and mineral stores often cannot keep up with or sustain this growth, and they often develop nutritional deficiencies 6-12 months post-adoption that weren’t initially present.

Preliminary findings from ongoing research at the University of Minnesota’s School of Medicine show that internationally adopted children become increasingly vulnerable to a host of micronutrient deficiencies during the period of post-adoption catch-up growth. For this reason, parents of adopted children should be aware of their child’s potential for nutritional deficiencies long after arriving at home.

Currently, there is no research available on nutritional deficiencies in domestically adopted children.

Download a PDF of these lab tests to print and take to the doctor

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