The Transition Diet

The transition diet is one you develop to help bridge the gap between your child’s native diet and what eventually will become her regular diet at home. Ideally this regular diet will be filled with high quality, nutrient-dense foods that your entire family loves. While some adoptive children transition quickly, others may require more time —weeks to months to a year or more.

The goal of the transition diet is to provide calories for growth and to encourage your child to eat without a battle. While providing nutritious foods during this transition is optimal, it’s not necessarily the goal (vitamin supplementation may be warranted.) Focus more on developing a warm and nurturing feeding environment that occurs at predictable times and encourages growth.

Other principles for the transition diet include:

For more information on this topic, check in with the health experts of Adoption Nutrition.

“Feeding became (and sometimes still is) the most maddening part of our day. I know meals need to be calm and pleasant but this can be extremely difficult in the first months. Never be afraid to make REALLY slow progress. Go backwards when first home if necessary to build trust (ie bottle feed even if past that). Keep at it! Slowly introduce new and healthful foods over time, combined on a plate with familiar foods.” -Jennifer, mom to Mireille & Merritt, adopted from Russia

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