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Cindy Kaplan and Mishelle Rudzinski founded SPOON shortly after they each adopted their children, Jadyn and Bakha, from Kazakhstan. Both children suffered from severe malnutrition that nearly robbed them of their lives and chance for a family. Jadyn and Bakha revealed a profound and preventable need, which Cindy and Mishelle quickly realized was not being addressed by others. Not in Kazakhstan. Not in Oregon. Not anywhere. In 2007, SPOON was born with the vision of a world where all children are valued and nourished.

Since its inception, SPOON has engaged leading experts in the fields of pediatrics, nutrition, disability, feeding, orphan care, epidemiology, public health and child development. We are united across disciplines by a fierce commitment to mission, and to the vision of a world where all children are nourished so they can grow and thrive.

While driven from the heart, SPOON’s work is led by science, with a strong evidence-based and track record of results.

SPOON Foundation

135 SE Main St, Suite 201, Portland, OR 97214
E: info@spoonfoundation.org
W: spoonfoundation.org

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