How You Can Help

Join our National Team of Ambassadors

SPOON has a team of more than 20 parents from around the country who stay connected to SPOON and help out in all kinds of ways. Our ambassadors have stepped up to:

If you would like to utilize your specific skills and talents and become a SPOON Ambassador, contact .

Organize a Fundraiser

SPOON relies heavily on donations from individuals in order to fulfill our mission to improve the nutrition of orphans and adoptees. Volunteers can organize fundraisers in their own communities, everything from an ambitious event like the “Eat Your Way Around the World” dinner to a simpler event like a garage sale or personal email appeal to family and friends. Whatever your ideas for fundraising, please contact Luisa Guyer by or (503) 954-2524.

Join our Social Network

Keep apprised of SPOON’s latest news and announcements by signing up for our , joining our Facebook page, and following us on Twitter.


There are many ways to donate to SPOON—one time donations, recurring monthly donations, and gifts in honor of family and friends. See all of our options on our Donate page.

SPOON Foundation

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