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SPOON Foundation
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The Adoption Nutrition Website is a collaborative effort between SPOON Foundation and Joint Council International Children’s Services.

SPOON Foundation

The mission of SPOON Foundation is to improve the nutrition of orphaned, fostered, and adopted children so they can grow and thrive. SPOON seeks to:

SPOON is currently working on a pilot project in Kazakhstan Baby Houses (orphanages). The Orphan Nutrition Project will serve as a model for advancement of orphan nutrition policy and procedures around the globe.

Joint Council

Joint Council helps orphaned and vulnerable children live in a permanent and safe family by advocating on their behalf, marshaling the resources they need, educating those who serve them and mobilizing those who care. Joint Council and its partner organizations provided services to 2.1 million children and families in 2010.

SPOON Foundation

3227 NW Thurman Street, Portland, OR 97210

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